Living consciously

Awakening, enlightenment, empowerment… are all states which allow you to become aware of your inner dialogue.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy
Life is a constant flow of energy and transformation. Your consciousness is the only thing that remains, immovable, constant and eternal. To understand this is the freedom that you seek.

Taking responsibility for your state of consciousness is an amazing opportunity. Life is an adventure. We move from the unknown to the unknown and learn from our responses to the unpredictable.

The only way to become a master of oneself is to walk consciously through whatever life offers, not fearless, but willing to face any fears. When you are willing to walk though the shadows, you will emerge transformed and courageous will new knowledge of your own ability and potential

Today my intention is to be contented. Here, in the present moment, I choose joy.
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