Choose Joy

Happiness or misery…?  Your choice.

That’s Right! When I create peace within my heart and mind, I find it reflected throughout my life
All the love of the Divine and (by extension) all of life itself supports you on each step of your journey. With each layer of pain and illusion you release, your experiences will reflect your new level of consciousness. These changes may begin subtly… you begin having positive exchanges with strangers throughout the day, family relationships have less conflict, prosperity flows throughout various aspects of your life and you may notice yourself feeling gratitude more often.In every moment you have a choice. Should you notice yourself in a state of tension or upset, begin the process of observation by asking yourself, “Why am I choosing this?” Sit with the energy a bit… you may be on the verge of discovery. No one has the power to control what you choose to feel. You have unlimited potential. Knowing this, why would you ever settle for anything less than Bliss?

Today my intention is to celebrate each and every step of the journey I have taken so far.  My life has been graced by amazing people and circumstances, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
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