Transformation begins within

All dissatisfaction is created when we reject what is. True happiness comes from within and is not dependent upon outside factors.

That’s Right! I release the need to blame anyone. I accept the people around me as they are.

No matter what changes you wish to see your experience, recognize that all transformation begins in the mind. The process is this:


Accept what is without judgment. Acceptance is not dependent upon liking a situation, it is simply the art of non-resistance. Once judgment is released, we have the ability to think differently. This expansive approach breaks us free from limited perception.

When we choose to take responsibility for all that unfolds in our experience, it creates a sense of empowerment and freedom. There is no need to wait for others to change, instead, we seek the lesson in each situation (knowing that a powerful aspect of our spiritual awakening awaits discovery) and cultivate the ability to trust our inner wisdom.

Focus upon what you wish to create – happiness, contentment, abundance, peace. Then choose to experience it in the present moment and continue to seek it throughout the day. Many people defer happiness while waiting for life to correct itself… and they are still waiting. Live your end result Now and life will rise up to meet you. Your energy dictates what unfolds in your experience.

From this space of acceptance, awakened consciousness and positive intention, any actions you choose to take will be consistent, inspired and empowered. Be willing to walk new paths and leave old patterns behind. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to remember that all change begins with me. Any problems I encounter come from limiting thought patterns, therefore, I purposely choose to live with an open heart.

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