The power of this moment

You are an infinite spirit having a temporary human experience. Make the most of it!

That’s Right! I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power to choose how I wish to experience life

Awareness opens the possibility of living beyond happiness and misery. We discover a new dimension of experience that frees us from our self-imposed prisons.

“The moment your attachments break, the darkness disappears. False knowledge and ignorance disappear. Then there is just you and you alone – there is no one else. Only consciousness remains, which has no beginning and no end.”
~ Mehavira

Be courageous. Be willing to explore your true infinite nature. See beyond appearances and purposely utilize your human experiences as vehicles of awakening. If you attempt to use logic and human understanding, you’ll continue to feel limited. Trust allows you to step through the gateway of higher consciousness, and there, the realms of delight and joy await exploration.

Today my intention is to recognize the love, support and guidance that surrounds me at all times.

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