Love is the goal – life is the journey

Ego-driven love is needy. Soul-driven love is empowering and expansive.

That’s Right! I choose to be madly in love with life

“Love is the goal – life is the journey.”
~ Osho

When you create a life filled with love, amazing things begin to happen as it is reflected back to you. When you have healed the wounds of your heart, intimacy is possible. When you feel safe, you’ll naturally allow people to get close to you; therefore, begin with the idea that you create your own safety. It comes from within and is dependent upon nothing.

The transformative power of soul-driven love will allow you to reach new levels of experience. When you don’t need someone else, when there is no attachment to outcomes, when you find yourself (alone or not) simply being love, you have arrived. This bliss of Being must be shared and becomes a movement of experience within your life.

Today my intention is to live with an open heart. I speak loving words and choose to see the sacredness of life.

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