Be here Now

Your point of power resides in the present moment.

That’s Right! I am safe in the world. I am comfortable with change and growth

“Contentment alone is enough,
Indeed the bliss of eternity
can be found in your contentment.”
~ Lao Tzu, 46th verse, Tao Te Ching

When someone is lost in worry, all their energy goes into planning for the future. They attempt to anticipate every conceivable threat and build up layers to protect themselves.

When aligned with inner harmony and balance, your energy is fully focused within the present moment. Satisfaction begins to replace the desire to accumulate. Your sense of tranquility will shine, allowing you to simply live in a state of gratitude and contentment.

Begin your day with a gratitude walk. Step outside into the expansive energy of this new day and it’s unlimited potential. Speak out loud. Laugh, open your arms and feel your heart chakra expand. Listen to the sounds of life all around you. Be one with the present moment.

Finally, send peaceful energy to someone you may consider an enemy. This could be someone with whom you disagree on political ideology, a challenging family member, even world governments businesses or people who anger you. Choose to see beyond appearances to the infinite, living spark of the Divine.

Peace and beauty and safety reside within you. Once you release the need to worry, complain or judge, you’ll discover that only love remains.

Today my intention is to be kind and gentle with myself as a grow and change. I am a lifetime student of love.

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