Change your thoughts, change your life

All change begins within.

That’s Right! I think positive thoughts, because every cell within my body responds to every thought I think and every word I speak

It’s time to replace strong desires with calm contentment. When we approach the present moment with grace and acceptance, we allow a different type of energy to infuse our lives. Time seems different and more gets accomplished.

When we change how we view a situation, the situation begins to change. There is great power in conscious, peaceful silence and learning to allow things to unfold without additional interference.

Watch those around you as they make decisions or take action with the knowledge that all things work toward the highest good for all involved. Allow those you love to learn their lessons and discover the power of living a centered, balanced life. You can create a space where transformation can occur.

Today my intention is to give myself permission to just be. All that I need is within me.

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