Life begins where fear ends

Fear blocks the possibility of growth. Fear of the unknown, of failure, success, heartbreak or loss can build walls around the heart.

That’s Right! I easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities

Fear arises. It is a spark of “what if…?” that begins in the mind and grows stronger when we allow the ego free reign. The sooner you catch this diminishing energy and shine the consciousness upon it, the easier it is to break free.

When we choose to turn and face our fears rather than feeding them with mental energy, we are able to redirect our intention and our thoughts in a more empowered direction. For instance, “What if I mess up?” can be transformed into “What if something amazing happens?” – one paralyzes and one opens.

We live in an infinite Universe. With limitless possibilities to choose from, why choose anything that creates fear, pain or dissatisfaction when you can just as easily choose expansion, wisdom, new experiences and freedom? We are conditioned by the trappings of ego-driven thought, but under that conditioning (be it parental imprinting, societal expectation or unhealed wounds) is a pure spirit filled with wonder and innocence, ready to explore the present moment.

Courage is not about being fearless before taking action. It comes from being willing to walk forward in spite of any fear than arises, seeing through the illusions created by the mind. This will allow you to discover new facets of your own inner strength and wisdom. Layer by layer, old patterns and limitations are released and your true nature will shine through.

Today my intention is to move forward with confidence and ease, knowing that all is well in my future.

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