Thoughts create

Our thoughts create our reality.

That’s Right! All limitation and frustration is created by limited thinking; therefore, I choose to keep my thoughts positive and focused on the Now

The egoic mind, left unchecked, will keep you imprisoned by repetitive thought that eventually dictates your responses and behavior. Your thoughts have great power and all transformation begins by changing your perception and interpretations by making conscious choices.

Consider how angry thoughts eventually lead to angry words. The script continues to play in the mind until it is verbally shared with others. Whether they agree with your perception or not, the anger increases and presents itself in your experience through “addressing the issue” or reactive choices. Then the cycle begins again.

Break free by choosing peace in the present moment. Observe your triggers and the desire to be reactive and then choose to be still. Listen. Take a walk or move the body to release the energy. Should you find yourself attached to a particular idea (usually accompanied by the word ‘should’ or a rejection of what is) realize that it played repeatedly in the mind until you came to believe it as the only truth in the situation.

Your purpose is to awaken. Every situation presents an opportunity for growth and solutions come from different ways of thinking. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Today my intention is to recognize that I am a work in progress. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

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