Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not about finding some moral or spiritual high ground. It is a choice to embrace freedom and empowerment rather than being imprisoned by the past.

That’s Right! I now choose to release all hurt and resentment

“Spiritual practice always entails forgiveness – at least as long as there is even one person we can’t forgive. But real forgiveness is not some form of magnanimous acceptance of others “even though they did us wrong.” Rather, with true forgiveness we loosen the grip on our treasured resentment. Often the most difficult part of forgiving another is facing the fact that we don’t actually want to forgive them. Yet the process of forgiveness also requires that we experience, within ourselves, the fact that we are not so different from those we are so ready to judge. Experiencing this shared pain of humanity – the realization that all of us are acting out of protectedness and fear – allows forgiveness to come forth on its own.” Ezra Bayda

Consider the amount of time and energy that the egoic mind utilizes to keep old stories alive. Whether sharing your perception of a painful situation with others, running the script repeatedly in the mind, or fearing that it will repeat in the future, resentment destroys the beauty of the present moment.

With this in mind, seek to transform past challenges into a source of strength. Using the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet is an amazing way to shift the energy around any situation. Complete it, read it to yourself out loud and burn it to release any negative energy around a person or situation. Observe any resistance that arises and see where the process takes you.
Today my intention is to be willing to grow and change. I open my consciousness to the expansion of life.

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