Living with passion

Living a life of passion entails honoring what brings you joy and fulfillment.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

You can create the life of your dreams. Find what inspires you and incorporate aspects of that energy consistently into your daily routine. When you choose to feel fulfilled and complete in the present moment, the energy around you begins to coalesce into tangible joy. Don’t wait until you have reached a particular goal to experience happiness. Happiness will draw in the people and circumstances that align with your energy.

Everything is a reflection of your level of consciousness. Pay attention to the repeating patterns in your life. As you awaken, the world around you is transformed.

Be willing to grow and change without self-judgment. When you see something that needs to shift in your experience, simply change it or change the thoughts associated with it. Every conscious action sends ripples of energy out into the Universe that will return to you ten-fold, often in miraculous ways.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

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