Awakening inner mastery

The way to achieve mastery is through consistent practice. Trust the processes of your awakening.

That’s Right! I am a living, loving expression of the Divine

It can be challenging for the mind to grasp the concept of eternity. You have been walking the path of transformation for aeons, waking through experience, and there is much, much more to come.

This planet is a school that provides opportunities to grow and learn. Circumstances will replay until the lesson is absorbed. Each time a pattern repeats in your life, pay attention to how you choose to experience it. Likely your responses today are far different than they were five or ten years ago (or five or ten lifetimes ago!). Spiritual awakening is a process that cultivates compassion – both for yourself and for others.

Release things that no longer serve your growth. Enter into a stage of preparation for new levels of spiritual wisdom. The first step is to release blame and take responsibility for your own joy. Do not fear the challenges of your life. You have the strength and ability to rise above.

Today my intention is to live according to my truth and apply spiritual wisdom to every aspect of my life.

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