Conscious dreaming

Enlightenment is not about being perfect. It’s the process of experiencing a conscious, empowered life as best you can with what you have from where you are.

That’s Right! I am a lifetime student of love

Your role is to actively participate in life. As a spiritual being having a human experience, higher consciousness teaches how to bring a depth of spirituality to whatever unfolds on the journey of awakening.

Anyone can experience higher levels of wisdom, awareness and spiritual connection in meditation; however, mastery is bringing that same energy down from the mountain and into your day to day experiences. Allow your life to be your message.

Part of discovering your true nature is to release attachment to the roles you play while stripping away limiting beliefs and healing old wounds. When everything is gone, what remains? Divine, expansive, eternal energy.

Today my intention is to remember that I am constantly dreaming my world into being. I am willing to grow and change.

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