A lesson from Merlyn… the cat

I am willing to create a space in which a transformation can occur

That’s Right! Everyone is my teacher

Our animals are wonderful teachers. They remind us of many important aspects of life – being present and joyful and the importance of playing.

I have a cat few people have ever seen. For nearly 14 years he has led a shy life and missed out on all the fun a loving relationship can provide. Several years ago I set out to change the energy of the house hoping to get him to be more interactive. I used candles and visualization, applying the tools that have served me so well in other aspects of my life. For a time his behavior shifted and he become more outgoing, but shortly reverted to his old way of being. I realized that it was more appropriate to simply accept him as he is and instead chose to create a space in which a transformation can occur.

This morning as I sat down to write, Merlyn came and walked around my desk a few times, chatting and purring. For the first time ever, I was able to simply pick him up and he he chose to remain on my lap in pure contentment. I am grateful for the reminder that change can occur at any time and acceptance is far more powerful than desire or force.

When we allow others the space they require for their own growth and awakening, change will happen. It doesn’t always happen when we think it “should” and sometimes it looks different than we expect, but it’s important to remember than evolution is a constant process.

Today my intention is to bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place. Love resides at the core of every lesson.

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