Happiness comes from within

Live your bliss

That’s Right! Every moment presents an opportunity to become more of who I am

In order to live a passionate, blissful, enchanted life, simply realize that true happiness comes from within. You have the ability to choose peace Now and doing so creates a momentum of empowerment that affects every aspect of your life. The moment you attach your happiness to another person, outcome or life situation, you give away your power.

Life ebbs and flows. Change is the only constant. The awakened spirit understands that the journey transforms us. Through the challenges we explore our strengths and ultimately discover the joy of taking personal responsibility for every aspect of our life.

Inner joy is enlightenment. The mystery becomes introspective as the journey turns inward. Wonder itself is an infinite playground of discovery. No matter how far you have come, you are still at the beginning. Mastery comes through seeking the miraculous in the small things and the awakening of your sense of wonder.

Today my intention is to rejoice in the bliss of existence.

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