This moment is sacred… love the journey

There is perfection in this moment and you are right where you are supposed to be. The Divine seeks always to aid, uplift, awaken, expand and guide you on your unique Path of Transformation. It is time to learn how to flow with what life offers. This ease and flexibility allows you to enter advanced states of spirituality and in doing so, you become a conduit for healing and inspiration. Old souls have great impact when teaching others by example.

For many, this movement into acceptance is challenging. They cling and fret every step of the way, only to discover that things fall into place perfectly in the end. Only then do they finally choose to move into a state of happiness and trust. Picture the amount of stress created throughout the process and how it affected their experience, health, relationships and joy. Valuable energy is wasted feeding fear and tension when the destination becomes more important than the journey.

This moment is sacred. Will you live it consciously or waste it?

I sat pondering the slight difference in the spelling of sacred and scared. Could it be that there’s only a slight movement required to move from fear to empowerment? From a numerological standpoint, the energy of the two words is identical; however, one is vibrating in the positive pole and one in the negative.

Likewise with dog and god. Same energy – different polarity. Both have the capability to teach unconditional love and remain faithful and fully present in the Now; however, I’ve never heard of war or enslavement brought about as a result of someone’s loyalty to their dog or its breed… but I digress.

Consider that a slight shift can alter everything within your experience. Most likely you’ll discover that it’s something as subtle as a change in perception or the movement from the negative pole into the positive. Your journey is blessed and supported by the Divine.

Today my intention is to love the journey. I am embarked upon the path of liberation, discovering freedom from fear and new ways to trust.

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