Psychic vampirism and what it can teach us

Ever wonder why being around certain people is draining? You might find yourself feeling tired, headachy or off balance after an interaction and need time to regroup. This is a phenomenon called Psychic Vampirism.

When people are vibrating less than 200 – demonstrated by acting from shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger or pride – they are completely unaware of their ability to connect to the Divine. Unconsciously, they replenish their energy by absorbing it from the people around them.

This energy exchange can happen in a few ways but primarily it comes from strong reactions. Whether in the form of anger or arguments, frustration or an egoic response, the action is the same. Your aura grows large (you might even feel a rush of energy at this point) and flows outward toward the other person. They absorb it and walk away from the interaction feeling much better… leaving you with the need to process and recover your balance.

The best way to stop this unhealthy flow is through neutrality or genuine compassion and unconditional love. For most people, neutrality is the easiest place to get to quickly. When you choose not to respond or feed the energy in any way, you are protecting yourself. The people may (unknowingly) feel thwarted and try another angle, but if you can remain neutral and/or compassionate, eventually they will either move on to deal with someone who will react to them or learn something from you in the process.

When you worry or replay challenging moments in your mind, all your energy flows to the object of your consternation. In this manner, you may find yourself sending your precious and vital energy outward instead of allowing it to create beauty and balance within the present moment.   In this manner, Psychic Vampirism acts as a teacher and demonstrates the importance of remaining aligned with the Now.

Choose to abstain from co-dependent energetic behavior. This gift of love allows each person to process through their own lessons and challenges and teaches you the art of compassionate detachment. When you do choose to give your energy from a space of consciousness and love, you become a channel through which the pure energy of the Divine can flow. This is invigorating rather than draining – uplifting and limitless – and a healthier way to assist one another on the journey.

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