Your inner purpose is to awaken

Each of us has the same inner purpose – spiritual awakening. The outer purpose – the roles we play, the goals we set and the group of souls with whom we are entwined – can vary differently from person to person. Our unwavering commitment to enlightenment is paramount. It is the purpose of your sojourn here and once realized, provides the foundation for fulfilling the tasks you have set for yourself in this life.

The inner purpose is concerned with being. The outer purpose is concerned with doing. As your consciousness shifts to higher levels, new energy begins to flow throughout every aspect of your life. This beautiful transformation becomes integrated in your responses and outlook and thus, you actively participate in the awakening of the planet.

If you are “trying” to evolve or awaken, that is the ego at work. It brings it’s stories of struggle and practice and works on the belief that it’s somehow hard to become spiritually aware. Allow your commitment to be a gentle desire to live in accordance with joy. Spiritual awakening is a process that cannot be forced. There is no set action that one can take, no rules to follow – instead it is a personal and profound shift in perception that allows you to see life differently.

Your outer purpose may change dramatically throughout your life and that is appropriate. For many years I was committed to being a singer/songwriter. It served the wonderful purpose of helping me to overcome insecurity, discover how to promote myself, cultivate my voice and allowed me to meet my husband. Once I received the gifts that particular goal had to offer, my outer purpose shifted. My commitment now is to share the stories of my growth and to be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance. Even my commitment to writing these daily Wow Moments! has changed my life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

So, allow your outer purpose to shift in whatever way feels appropriate to you by following the inner promptings of your heart. All things serve their purpose on your unique Path of Transformation. Your soul’s inner purpose is to awaken. Simple, fulfilling, magical… you can choose to be fully present where you are and take one more conscious step forward.

Today my intention is to allow a deeper meaning to flow into all that I do.

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