The world is our reflection

The world is our reflection. At any given moment, you can measure how much you have evolved by witnessing your response to the people and events you encounter in your day to day life.  Circumstances, whether blissful or challenging, are fluid and it’s important to develop an inner sense of connectedness, peace and balance in order to ride the waves of experience with ease.

The ego will often attach great significance to the highs and lows – feeling extreme joy in times of abundance and frustration or sadness during times of challenge. We don’t tend to notice the mechanisms of the ego when things are going well; however, every “high” must be followed by a proportionate “low”.  You are infinitely greater than the events of your life.

Likewise, the intensity of our response to the unconsciousness in others reveals what aspects of growth still require our attention. Whenever you experience a strong negative reaction to someone, it is because the projection you see is showing you an aspect of yourself which still requires to be healed or balanced. Consistently observe, go within and do your own work. The next time you run into the same situation you may notice that your energy around that issue has become more neutral. Thus, they have lovingly provided you a reflection which verifies your soul’s growth.

Choose to see beneath the habitual layers of reality to the power and depth of the present moment. The ego will often respond to the Now seeing it only as a means to an end, an obstacle or an enemy… but there is greater depth to you and what your soul wishes to accomplish. Through acceptance, we are freed from imprisonment and able to step into limitless possibility.

Today my intention is to accept whatever life offers with the knowledge that every moment contains a gift. I choose to expand into love.

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