The magnificence of creation

There is magnificence in creation… When we open to the spark of inspiration which clears passageways of new energy, we begin to learn new aspects of our strength. Whether the goal is to heal family relationships, try a new recipe, engage in higher studies or write the first line of a poem, the power of creation is born in courage.

Energetically, courage is the dividing line between immobility and empowerment. We must be willing to take a risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. The terminator between light and dark is a line which we all must cross in order to discover our abilities.

Courage is the onset of empowerment – how will you know what you are capable of accomplishing if you don’t try? The moment of transformation begins with taking full responsibility for your choices and actions. In this manner, no outside force can deter you from your happiness. You will no longer give away your energy to those who vibrate at a lower frequency. Instead, all movement will begin within and extend outward into define your experience.

By setting intentions and successful practice, self-honesty and empowerment will become second nature. You will discover the courage required to transcend any obstacle and create a healthy foundation in your life.

Tonight’s full moon is a perfect opportunity to set a new intention and open yourself to the powers of inspiration, courage and creation. Align with love, take a risk and discover your own magnificence!

Today my intention is to think big, to expand into new realms and let my life be a playful expression of the Divine.

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