The dance of awakening knowledge

Your life is a dance of awakening knowledge. Open yourself to new perceptions and shift to higher levels of awareness in order to receive the messages of love that await. No matter how much we learn, in an infinite Universe we are consistently finding ways to remove the veils which block our ability to see the big picture.

New pieces of information can change your perception dramatically, and that’s part of the process. Higher points of view offer the greatest opportunity to understand all the implications of the nuances in your life. The spiritual seeker learns to raise their frequency yet be at home within the paradox of changing perception.

This is why observation is key. Be patient while your life situation unfolds. Seek peace within the present moment and learn all that you can. In the dance of awakening you will develop the grace and ease you desire. Then, any necessary action (or non action) will make itself known with clarity, opportunity and resolution.

Life is rarely as serious as our minds make it out to be and as we discover new perceptions, we find new opportunities to play. Celebrate the joy of your journey. Open to the promise of new discoveries and know that something beautiful awaits… When we release the burdens of the heart, the playful soul emerges and walks into the light.

Today my intention is to align my energy with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.
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