The source of your power…

Expanding consciousness has no limitation. We begin to see past the trappings of the mind and connect to the Divine in our own unique way. This can be challenging for those who are unused to walking forward in confidence without a map; however, this constant act of awakening allows you to advance ever closer to your goals.

The more you can detach from outcomes, the more awareness you exercise regarding the mechanisms of the ego. It transforms from a controlling power in your experience to the spiritual helper it is meant to be. Clarity is available for you now – accept this beautiful gift and share it with others.

Last night some angels came to visit. When I stepped outside for my moments of gratitude, I sensed them bathing in the moonlight while joyfully weaving layers of miracles and energy in the early morning hours. From a human perception, we come from the unknown and move into the unknown. Our consciousness is infinite – much more than what we see, touch, hear, feel and sense – and something far greater emerges as we awaken to our inner potential. This journey is significantly different for each of us and we are surrounded by loving guidance (albeit often undetected) every step of the way.

Beyond any conflict, fear, judgment or confusion is the source of your power. Find ways to integrate the apparent dualities within yourself and discover something entirely new. You are here to find your own inspiration and truth and live it authentically. The blending of opposites creates a beautiful tapestry with weaving of exquisite design and you are the creator of that experience. Ask yourself how you can step into your truth today. What do you have to offer? How can you allow your love to shine?

Today my intention is to honor all the aspects of my growth – to live, celebrate, imagine and accept the miracles which await.
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