The tapestry of our creation

Things have a way of falling into place perfectly when we get ourselves out of the way. With our intention and actions, we set energy in motion and it can sometimes be amazing to witness what unfolds. You have many gifts to share, and that sharing (done with an open heart) should happen effortlessly.

Everything is a doorway to the Divine. Gather your inner courage and trust in the process of your awakening. You’ll find that the light of consciousness transforms all that is within or around you.

When we recognize the common source of our humanity and experiences, it allows us to join together in a synchronistic dance of gratitude. There are wonderful things to discover when we drop our fear and combine the knowledge and riches that each of us contribute to the whole.

Today my intention is to remember that we are one… all linked together in the exquisite tapestry of our creation. In celebration we meet infinite possibility.

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