Releasing limitation

Limitation is nothing more than outmoded conditioning. Somewhere down the line, one accepts an idea that blocks them from seeing their true nature. Over time, they manage to that idea, create self-fulfilling prophesies and reinforce the belief with myriad examples that become their perception of truth… “That’s the way I’ve always been.”

The teacher’s purpose is to hold up a mirror so that you may see your own divinity. Even then, the filters of belief are initially so strong that many have trouble believing the image which is shown… and yet, there is a resonating response from the deepest part of the soul which propels each of us down the path of healing.

Spiritual awakening is a process. Celebrate the moments of connection, insight, authenticity and breakthrough. Periodically look at your life and compare where you are now to where you were a year ago, or five or ten. There will come a day when old patterns shatter and you realize that you’re no longer reactive to the same issues.

Once you’ve released a limiting belief, you’ll never fall prey to its mechanisms again. Old layers of energy surrounding the core issue may surface, but instead of falling back into old behavior, you’ll simply be conscious that another aspect has come to your attention because it’s ready to be released.

This is how you create the life of your dreams. Imagine it, accept it, and live it in this moment to the best of your ability. Find ways to explore that bring fulfillment and know that your unique journey of awakening has just begun.

Today my intention is to bless and release the things which no longer serve me.

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