Our thoughts create our reality

When you shine the light of consciousness into the darkness something miraculous occurs. Instead of shame, you discover compassion. What once seemed to create limitation now sets you free. Embracing life’s opportunities and circumstances allows us to take back our power, realize our dreams and live with passion.

As a child, I was terrified of the dark. Shadows on the wall seemed to dance in maniacal glee, I was always expecting a hand to reach out and grab my ankle as I got into bed (so much, in fact, that I eventually chose to remove the bed frame and keep the mattress safely on the floor….) and yet, I lived for horror stories, scary movies, ice cream and childhood crushes, somehow finding my center in the perilous childhood balance between light and dark.

As a young woman, I decided to overcome my fear. I would camp alone in Yosemite (my place of healing); listening to the sounds of the forest in the dark, afraid of each snap, unknown possibility and the life and death dance of the nocturnal creatures. Eventually my fear transformed into delight. I learned to love the moon and the otherworldly shadows created by her soft radiance. I learned to breathe slower and see all the beauty that I had been missing during those long years of shaking fearfully in the face of the unknown. Somewhere along the line, I learned that I could walk forward in spite of the fear.

The ego loses its power when we are no longer divided internally. After you walk through the fire and step through to the other side, you are forever changed, awakened and empowered. The steps:

  • Stop projecting and blaming
  • Honor your feelings
  • Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is
  • Love yourself – release all judgment
  • Step into the present moment with gratitude

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life.

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