Our purpose is to awaken

Everything you learn about yourself adds another piece to the puzzle of who you are and each facet shimmers with beauty as it reflects the light within you. The interesting thing about this process of discovery is that we initially don’t recognize our talents and potential until we go through some sort of challenge. The burdens created by the mind are transformed into gifts which guide us as we walk the journey of awakening.

There will come a time when you no longer need to manifest hardship in order to grow. As you drop the layers that block you from seeing yourself clearly, it will become easier to explore and discover the truth of your infinite nature when things are going well. This process of unveiling frees you from the mechanisms of the mind. The ego will still be there, chattering away; however, it will no longer have the ability to trap you in perceived limitation for extended amounts of time.

Make your joy in this moment your top priority. Allow your choices to be based in love rather than fear and seek wholeness within every situation. Joy, of course, is not the egoic definition of happiness resulting from things going the way you believe they should, but an authentic connection with the peace and silence of the Presence within you.

You have come to this planet with a specific purpose in mind – to awaken and contribute your unique perception and experiences to the whole of collective consciousness. When you step back to view completed tapestry we are weaving, you will discover that you are a gift of exquisite design.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey. Every event has led me to this moment of perfection and I am grateful.

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