The gifts of adversity

What gifts await discovery? Four years ago I had no idea that I would write and while I’m still in the process of learning, it has become an important part of my spiritual growth and work. The temporary loss of a friendship prompted me to delve into that previously unknown aspect of myself and showed, once again, how everything works to the highest good of all involved regardless of how it appears. When I think of how many people’s lives have changed as a result of that original misunderstanding, I smile, appreciating the brilliance of the soul contract that was in play at the time.

From a spiritual viewpoint, things are often the opposite of how they appear on the physical plane. I’ve seen people lose jobs and security only to discover that they were meant to be entrepreneurs. Others encounter betrayal from lovers or family and discover relationships of authentic love and connection in the space that was created by the apparent loss. Rejection only means that something better awaits us down the road. Chance encounters become life-changing adventures.

I rarely have clients come trying to gain spiritual understanding when things are going well in their lives. It’s the bumps and bruises that capture our attention and send us on an inward journey searching for answers. Bless the challenges that arise within your experience for they are the gifts of your growth and have only appeared because you are ready to discover something new.

Today my intention is to remember that (in the words of Louise Hay) “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.”

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