Choosing joy – the story of Shane

A few days ago amongst the chaos and fear filling the news, I came across a story about Shane Michael Haley. He was a baby diagnosed with a birth defect that would only allow him a few hours of life. Knowing this, his parents decided to create a “bucket list” for him and fulfill all that they could while he was still in the womb.

One by one they went on fun-filled adventures together sharing the gift of love and of life. When he was born, the family gathered together to welcome him, baptize him into their faith and say goodbye. What an amazing example of love, conscious choice and acceptance.

Consider the impact this little soul had by choosing these particular parents and the lessons provided by the situation, not only for his family but for the 700,000 people who followed their blog and offered support and prayers along the way. We can this a Radical Incarnation… a soul chooses to teach through adversity and shift consciousness even though his time on the planet was quiet short. (As an additional thought, should that spirit choose to return to the family in a new body down the line, all the energy generated by these moments and memories will certainly come too, adding to the bonds of love.)

Every moment contains infinite possibilities. No matter what the circumstance, we can choose love. That’s not to say that sadness or disappointment don’t arise in life, only that we purposefully choose an empowered way of walking through our challenges. Acceptance opens the door for creative ways to handle the present moment and I am honored to have witnessed this wonderful example of higher consciousness from afar.

Today my intention is to embrace what is knowing that all things work to the highest good.

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