Harm none, know thyself

Harm none, know thyself… Taught in various spiritual and philosophical systems throughout history, these simple premises have been handed down throughout the generations. All cultures share similar teachings wrapped in the flavor of their experience and yet, for anyone who has observed history, the one thing that replays is the harm that mankind does to itself, one another and the environment. Harm is always based in a lack of understanding, imbalance or fear.

The evolution of our species began with the mysticism of the ancients who lived and walked in harmony (and at time, at the mercy of) the natural flow of the planet. These ancient peoples are sometimes referred to as Wisdom Keepers and they pass down and continue to share their memories with those who are ready to receive.

As we collectively matured, we went through a phase of first creating and then breaking free from old laws and structure, rebellion and discovering our power. In the process, we forgot that early Divine connection as new information and experience took over.

Then began the journey of healing, the struggle with self-expression and finding our personal integrity. During this process we strove to get back to basic, simplify and realign with our true natures. As we continue to evolve, it’s important to integrate the knowledge and experience we have gleaned along the way. Every experience becomes a beautiful facet of who you are and who you are becoming. The acceptance of it all brings about internal balance and harmony which will sustain you through each and every moment. Honor your past and the teachings of those who walked before, but ultimately consider that nothing is more important than your unique connection to the Divine and your joy in this moment.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.

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