Conscious Presence

Everything emits its own energetic vibration. The lower the frequency, the heavier the energy and the more limitation one encounters. The ego loves to feed our fears – creating “what if” stories around possible personal loss, world events, frightening future scenarios, etc. This energy then becomes a heavy weight that one carries and all of life is then experienced through the filter of fear.

The way to detach from the cultural providence of the egoic mind-set is to remain fully present. Instead of focusing your precious energy on past choices, perceived mistakes or missed opportunities, it’s important to take responsibility for your own state of consciousness in the Now. Nothing is more important for one’s health and balance and peace of mind.

Likewise, fears about the future equally destroy the happiness available within the present moment. Our thoughts create our reality, so when you notice the voice of the ego (and this can be generated internally or come through other people, the news, etc.) it’s empowering to observe it and shine the light of consciousness upon it.

Whenever you become aware of suffering that is going on in the world, rather than tuning out or enthusiastically joining in, notice what personal stories arise within you. All of life provides the opportunity to learn more about compassion, faith, love and acceptance. We must be the change that we wish to see in the world and this begins by doing our own inner work. Old pain or fear that has been suppressed will often resurface when we witness challenges that others are going through. These moments of awareness are the moments of transformation, both personally and collectively.

Knowing that all things work to our highest good, the greatest gift that you can give those who grace your life is conscious Presence. Often, spiritual seekers are called upon to be frequency holders who carry a field of peacefulness that can transform others’ energetic fields. From this place of balance we can share healing energy, light and prayers while holding the space of love for those who need it the most.

Today my intention is to walk in the light of love.

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