The roles we choose

There are many ways to live in the world and still be happy. It begins with the choice to do so. Each of us has chosen a particular aspect to work on this time around and once we understand the role we chose when writing the basic blueprint of this incarnation, we can choose to live life in alignment with that goal. They are:

  • Growth – the spiritual seeker experiences a series of challenges and obstacles to experience in order to evolve more quickly. These souls want to pack as much learning as possible into this particular lifetime
  • Re-evaluation – one chooses to focus on one or two issues. This limits the scope of their experience and is a very inner-directed goal
  • Acceptance – the life-long issues for these people are related to being accepted by others and learning to be accepting within their own life
  • Discrimination – situations occur in order to cultivate the ability to choose what one wants or does not want in one’s experience. These souls may have had a series of recent lifetimes of being overly accepting and are now working on breaking free from that pattern
  • Dominance – these souls see life as a win or lose game. They are driven to overcome personal challenges or lead others and prefer to be in control
  • Submission – provides experiences in which the spiritual seeker can be totally supportive of another person or group in order to feel fulfilled
  • Relaxation – these souls arrange a life in which they can relax and go with the flow. Usually used to recuperate after a series of difficult lifetimes

Spiritual awakening is not a “one size fits all” experience. In different lifetimes we choose different roles and none is better or more evolved than another. Teachers who have mastered their particular goal for this life can effectively teach others who have chosen the same role. It’s important to remember that we must honor each path as sacred. A person with a role of Dominance will think that ‘going with the flow’ is poor advice (and for them it is). An understanding of roles (both our own and others) can help us cultivate unconditional love and acceptance as we walk our own journey of awakening.

Today my intention is to accept myself and create peace in my heart.

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