Chakra balance and setting intention

One of the most beautiful aspects of spiritual awakening is the discovery of one’s own power. In each moment we have a choice. We can flow with the events that unfold or fight against them. We can accept others as they are or try to change them. We can get lost in the stories of the mind or learn to rise above them. Whether engaged in healing or bliss, you are right where you need to be. This Verbal Chakra Balance is an effective way to keep mind, body and spirit in alignment:

  • Today I am willing to accept a miracle…
  • to see clearly
  • communicate effectively
  • love unconditionally (beginning with myself)
  • project the aura of a goddess
  • embrace my beauty, creativity and the joy of being
  • walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity

Today, let me be masterful, magical, powerful and peaceful. Let me be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance. Let me be a loving reflection of the peace and Presence in others.

Our words have power. When you choose to begin your day with gratitude and consciously set an intention, that energy flows out into the Universe with great intensity, only to return in magnificent ways. We discover the many opportunities to put these desires into practice while expanding our awareness. This is the moment of transformation.

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