Relationships as spiritual growth

Almost all challenges in relationships come from wanting people (or the situations in which we are entwined) to be different from what they are. Yet relationships offer a powerful space in which we can do our spiritual work. When your soul is ready to work on healing a particular aspect – worthiness, judgment, fear, self-image – an energy is sent out like a beacon in the night. On a soul level we call for someone to assist us in our endeavor. The souls who respond will then enter your life and play the required role in order to bring up the issue that is ready to be experienced and released. Those who challenge us the most on the physical plane love us the most on the spiritual plane. These soul mates are willing to risk losing your love in this lifetime in order to help you to accomplish your soul’s mission… and often we do run from these situations until we recognize the pattern, go within and create a space in which a transformation can occur.

Once the outmoded pattern has been released or the limiting thought rejected, we will no longer have a need to draw in challenges of that particular nature. Then our relationships become mirrors, reflecting our growth, and we celebrate with one another in the joyful dance of awakening. All of life provides exactly what is needed for your soul’s evolution.

Today my intention is to remember that I am loved beyond measure… and always have been. I am grateful for every moment that has brought me here Now.

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