The role of relationship in awakening

Relationships often show us the unhealed aspects of ourselves. When your higher Self is ready to work on a particular issue, an energetic request for assistance is sent out. Loving souls respond and play a role that will trigger old wounds and we find ourselves repeating a familiar pattern. In that moment, the process of healing begins. We notice the ego in play, recognize how well (or how poorly) we respond and there it resides,easily accessible on the surface. Everyone has these subtle layers of energy that have built up over lifetimes. We carry our wounds until we are ready to release them.

With this in mind, remember that this planet is a school built specifically so that we may become enlightened through our human experiences. Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be. We learn by going back to playful innocence and opening ourselves to receive something fresh and new. Happiness is your birthright. The more playfulness you bring into your experience, the more opportunities you find to immerse yourself in the light, love and laughter of the Divine. Often, a simple change of perspective changes everything.

It is not your partner’s (or your parents, or your coworker’s) job to make you happy – each of us is responsible for our own joy. As we develop our own inner richness and maturity, we drop the patterns of the past, see through the illusion, break the chains of limitation, understand the incredible value of contrasts and move into a new dimension of understanding. Bless the teachers of your life.

Today my intention is to ask for more understanding so that I may consciously and lovingly shape my world and experiences.

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