Going with the flow of life

In every moment we have the opportunity to flow with what life offers or fight against it. Spirituality is often compared to water – we develop the ability to flow, be relaxed and at ease while allowing life to guide us right where we need to be. The ego loves to plan, struggle and make comparisons, live in judgment… these approaches are all merely distractions so that we don’t see how easy it is to flow with what is.

Learning to trust means that you are no longer fighting. Surrendering is not apathy, but the authentic realization that the present moment is not the enemy. Once we live at ease within the flow, it becomes easy to connect to the joy of awakening. Be one with the present moment. Seek to discover all that it has to offer – too many sleepwalk through life, waiting for something to happen and miss the very powerful fact that life itself is happening and all that we seek is within us.

Let water be your teacher – flow silently, flow easily, move around obstacles and allow your loving actions to gently and permanently change all that you touch on the way by. Even the hardest rock is eventually transformed by a consistent flow (even a trickle!) of water… and so it is with love.

Today my intention is to be at ease with what is. I trust life and the processes of my awakening.


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