All indecision is a by-product of a mind that has been temporarily taken over by the ego. It causes procrastination and eventually slows forward momentum because we are afraid to make a mistake. Even when a choice is made, the indecision lingers when the mind focuses on the ‘shoulds’ and ‘what ifs’ instead of joy. Sometimes the only way out of this situation is to let go of all illusion of control and take a leap of faith. The resulting free-fall will bring you fully present and into the experience instead of lost in thought.

When choices are based upon love, passion or joy the fear dissipates. Now, instead of analyzing the pros and cons we discover the empowerment which comes simply from living in one’s truth. Beyond the questions of right and wrong, we find what is appropriate for our unique journey and stop comparing our decisions upon others’ beliefs or expectations. Every situation offers an opportunity to succeed or learn something new.

Be willing to release the things which no longer serve you. Your limitless potential is waiting to be explored.

Today my intention is to be at peace with the Now. Beyond thought, there is only my state of consciousness and this dictates how I choose to respond to life.

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