Open your heart to the mystery

When you open your heart in the midst of life, miraculous things happen. The vulnerability that so many fear is a necessary component of spiritual growth. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a job to be managed or a game to win. Experiences teach us on many levels and as you integrate the new energy of your discoveries, the results are seen within your mind, body and spirit.

Open your heart to the mystery. Allow your light to shine and respond to the present moment from a space of confidence and balance. Empowerment comes from  taking little trips into uncharted areas while expanding your perception and understanding.

Spiritual awakening is a process so it’s important to be patient with yourself. Often changes are happening just under the surface and they manifest into your reality all at once. The openness and willingness to flow with what is will prepare you to step into this new dimension when the opportunity arises. All the seeds you have planted come to fruition in their own perfect time.

Today my intention is to sit in the stillness of infinite possibility.

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