The process of transformation

On this planet we learn through experiencing the illusion of separation. The mind creates stories that form our beliefs as well as the filter through which we see the world. Beyond differences and beyond preferences, lies the timeless and eternal Oneness which flows through us all. Don’t be afraid to feel the feelings that arise when you feel disconnected – it is through emotion that we become aware of the story, and through the feelings that pain can be healed.

In love, all boundaries disappear. Often, it can take years (or lifetimes) to process through the ups and down of emotion into acceptance. We learn the power of releasing the things which do not serve our joy… and in that precious moment of surrender we walk through the drama of the known into the limitless possibility of the unknown.

Something greater awaits beyond the transformation of the soul. Allow life to be as it is but do change your relationship to it. All transformation comes in its own time and takes you from one dimension into another. This metamorphosis is a necessary and beautiful aspect of our journey of awakening. As you change, the world around you is transformed.

Today my intention is to remember that I am Divinely guided and inspired.

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