The celebration of love

In the celebration of life and love, we sow seeds of abundance. It matters not where they land, for surely the winds will scatter them throughout the Universe to grow where they will. The sharing of your gifts changes everything and your life should touch the lives of others. The blissfulness and joy that flows through you is the epitome of true compassion and true love, given to friends and strangers alike.

You are already a masterpiece. There is nothing to find, nothing to discover… you need only to drop the barriers within you that block you from seeing the truth of your infinite nature and potential. The gift of creative life emanates from within your being. No matter how you choose to express yourself, that light will shine through you into the lives of others.

This is a precious time. Explore the silence and balance within you that naturally comes from understanding the infinite nature of existence. The insight that you receive will allow you to see things differently, respond differently and teach others merely by walking in your integrity.

Today my intention is to be gentle and kind to myself as I grow and change.

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