Healing on the journey

In an attitude of openness and acceptance, we allow ourselves to receive the healing power of the Divine. The more you learn to love yourself and create balance in your life, the easier it becomes to accept this transformative energy into your experience. Spiritual awakening is a process. Periodically get into the role of observer and notice how you are changing. There will come a time (perhaps more quickly than you ever thought possible) when you find that you no longer get triggered like you used to, that moments of frustration quickly dissipate as you utilize the tools that you have discovered or you feel a healthy sense of peace and neutrality when faced with someone who has played a challenging role in your life. Acknowledge the results of your work, play, study, assimilation and transformation.

This wholeness cannot be affected by external events. We no longer carry the energetic ties to the past; rather, we simply continue onward and upward… lovingly engaged in a pilgrimage of awakening without being limited by a particular destination or attached to a specific outcome.

Today my intention is to allow the going to be easy, to approach life with a sense of adventure and growth and remember that there is no need to struggle or plan too much.

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