Needing to be understood

One challenge that many spiritual seekers encounter is opposition from those around them. The ego may, for a time, flame the inner struggle between the desire to be accepted versus the soul’s desire to live in one’s truth. Those who oppose you teach you how to be authentic. They will be the first to point out when your actions are hypocritical. They will demand explanations and then pick apart spiritual ideas in such a way that cause the newly awakened to doubt their own experiences and insight; however, this articulation (especially to oneself) is an important aspect of spiritual awakening.

As long as your attention is focused on others, you cannot turn it inwards – and self-realization only happens to those who cultivate an inner connection to the Divine by going inward. True empowerment resides in humility and enlightenment. When you notice the ego’s desire to be right, to score points off a frustrating person or even to be recognized as a spiritual master, go within and consciously release the need to speak. Watch how strongly the mind responds… there will come a time when you will find yourself walking through life content, whole and peaceful. That will make a greater statement than changing someones mind, performing miracles that others witness or temporary adulation from the uninitiated.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey. Each step has provided countless opportunities to learn and I am at ease within the miracle of this moment.


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