Harmony, faith and intuition

When we live in harmony with all that surrounds us, we learn how to be in the moment and leave the past behind. The awakened spirit sees life as a dance with the Divine where adventures await. As we release our fears, knowing that we are loved and supported each step of the journey, an innocence and trust emerges. This support makes itself known in unusual and ever evolving ways and we learn to follow our inner guidance and intuition.

Making the leap into the unknown is nothing less than a leap of faith. In the beginning this can be very difficult – we have spent lifetimes cultivating our knowledge. However, maturity allows us to surrender with joy to what is, continually release the past and go on trusting as we walk forward. Every situation has something to teach and with this inner flowering and wholeness comes unlimited possibility.

All of life’s experiences have brought you here to this moment of perfection and this moment carries a gift. The eternal beauty of your being sparkles with joy and excitement at the thought of our never-ending journey of discovery.

Today my intention is to dance in the rain. I release all control to the Divine. I am at peace with myself and with life.

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