Slow down and allow life to unfold

There is no need be enslaved by expectations that you have placed upon yourself. It’s time to reside in the fullness of who you are Now. There is a new quality of acceptance that awaits discovery underneath the illusions we create, and you may find that you welcome this moment in a way that you never did before. Home, peace and beauty reside within you, perfect in the stillness. The key is to be at ease with whatever you choose to do. Approaching life in a way that is centered, loving, alert, joyous and grateful allows space for your true Divine nature to emerge.

When we release expectation around timing, self-imposed “shoulds” and impatience, we allow the Divine nature of life to emerge (without interference). Everything is transformed into a dance of Oneness. Even challenges become a doorway through which we can share the expression of the awakened soul. It is simply the right time to be who you are and celebrate your unique way of being.

Today my intention is to remember that whatever I am guided to do will be a success.



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