The process of enlightenment

See moments of disruption in your experience as opportunities to purge old patterns and energy from your life.

That’s Right! I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most

All change, no matter how small, instigates a cleansing process that affects everything around it. Even a mundane action such as cleaning out a closet can send a room into brief turmoil while sorting, purging and rearranging. With the small things, it’s easier to see the scope of the transformation and push through any discomfort. The reward? An organized space that makes life a little easier.

When the purge is emotional or spiritual in nature, it’s more challenging to recognize the scope of the discomfort we need to experience. So, the mind clings to the known believing that we “shouldn’t” have discomfort or pain and brings up inner resistance to change.

Do your best to turn and face any discomfort or fear that arises. It will lead you on a journey of cleansing things, people and beliefs that no longer serve your growth. Utilize discomfort as a signal that true transformation is in play. Bring a sense of peace and purpose to any chaos that arises with the knowledge that your soul knows exactly what it is doing.

Today my intention is to remember that every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on Earth.

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