Happiness is just a thought away

Live totally and intensely in the present moment, recognizing its magnificence, beauty and potential. When each moment is lived fully, your life becomes a series of amazing moments.

That’s Right! My thoughts create my interpretation and experience of the world

Many people, trying to be happy, create unhappiness in their experience by doing too much and trying too hard rather than being. Happiness comes by allowing things to be as they are. Rest, relax, receive, experience, detach… and repeat.

Extreme focus and desire can create a narrow and limiting experience. When we expand to receive whatever life has to offer (without mental commentary), we create an ability to participate in the mysteries of life itself. Self-imposed prisons can be dropped by shifting how we think. Consciously notice your thoughts and focus upon those that enhance the beauty of the present moment. The key is to be fully present with whatever you are doing, deeply centered in this moment so that you allow the light, love and laughter of the Divine to flow through you into all that you do.

Today my intention is to create peacefulness in my mind. I trust my inner wisdom knowing that everything plays a purpose in my souls awakening.

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