Celebrate your unique journey

Seek only to raise your own consciousness. Drop all judgement and live in harmony with your true nature.

That’s Right! The world is my reflection

When we demand that others accept us as we are, we are rejecting them as they are. The ego constantly seeks to compare, feeding off the energy of being better than another or worse than another. Richer or poorer, satisfied or dissatisfied, heavy or slender, healthy or ill, the mind never ceases with it’s judgment and creates a sense of dissatisfaction no matter what the circumstance.

The awakened spirit learns to rise above ego-generated feelings of inferiority or superiority. Be recognizing the sacredness of each unique journey, it never compares and harmony with the Self is possible. It is time to embrace your uniqueness and release your self-imposed suffering.

“Look within yourself and you will experience great uniqueness. And all inferiority disappears, evaporates; it was created by you and by wrong education, it was created by a subtle strategy – the strategy of comparison. Once you know your uniqueness you are joyous, and then there is no need to follow anybody.” ~ Osho

Today my intention is to view everyone and everything as my teacher. I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.

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