The practice of love

The who are the hardest to love need it most of all.

“If you follow awareness, witnessing, you will attain to a hidden harmony. Then you are not bothered by the opposite, you can use it. And once you can use the opposite, you have a secret key.”

When someone is struggling with self-hatred, they project dysfunction on the world around them, often being boisterous, negative or filled with consistent drama. While we don’t need to stay in toxic situations, love calls upon us bring a higher level of consciousness to our life circumstances. When you can use those who express hatred as an opportunity to cultivate your ability to love, you can be transformed.

For those of you who practice shamanism, Reiki or energy work, purposely send light to those with whom you disagree or those who challenge you. Make your practice one of bringing love to the world. The seeds you plant will blossom. The energy you emit increases and returns; therefore, this kindness becomes a cycle of self love.

Opposites are not opposites, they exist as two sides of a coin and each requires the other to survive. Hatred and love, life and death, happiness and sadness – all exist to teach us how to grow by embracing Oneness. When you step outside of judging right from wrong and see everything as an opportunity to love, you set yourself free from limitation.

Today my intention is to trust the processes of my awakening. 
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