Empowerment is simply taking full responsibility for your own experience.

“A life of equanimity and appreciation is lived in the immediacy of the present – not in the mind.”
~Ezra Bayda

Seek to live as if you have purposely chosen every aspect of your experience. Appreciate the weather (however it presents itself), see the very human struggles that we share as opportunities to cultivate compassion. Rather than interpreting obstacles as a disruption on your life-path, view them with purposeful intent and transform them into honored aspects of your journey.

One way to fully align yourself with the Now is to ask, “Am I bringing the best version of myself to this moment?” Since there is always room for growth and the soul consistently seeks to attain the next level of consciousness, this is a never-ending playground of discovery. Your best transforms as you evolve.

Today my intention is to experience a deeper connection with life.


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