Anger and attachment

See anger as a barometer which measures the depth of your attachments.

“All of our defensive maneuvers in relationships, especially our anger and blame, are born out of fear – of rejection, of being alone, of being controlled, of not getting what we want, of intimacy, of inadequacy, of unworthiness. The path to harmonious relationships  requires acknowledging and facing these fears. In relationship difficulties, only be being directly present with our core pain – not as a concept, but as a complex of uncomfortable bodily sensations – can we take a step beyond thinking, beyond self-justifying, and beyond the enslavement of our narrow agendas.”
~Ezra Bayda

When we use moments of anger or frustration as a tool for self-awareness, we can quickly transform that energy into empowerment. Rather than remaining stuck in the story, the spiritual seeker goes inward to see where expectation and attachment have disrupted the presence of joy.

Awareness creates a space where a transformation can occur. As we heal the wounds that we carry, we remove the triggers that cause upsets. Deeply unconscious people struggle through the minefield of their own limited beliefs, never knowing when something may cause them to erupt into anger, or how to handle it. Have compassion for those who are struggling to awaken. It can be helpful to remember how far you’ve come on your own journey and allow them the opportunity to heal in their own way.

The ultimate goal is to release attachment and experience the present moment as it is. The conscious observer walks quietly through life, holding space, and uplifts those with whom they interact.

Today my intention is to bless the teachers of my life. I am grateful to everyone who has crossed my path.
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