Using relationships as spiritual growth

Those who enter your life are responding to a call from your soul.

“We often look to our relationships to mask an anxious quiver of being that cries out for relief. Yet another person can never heal our anxiety; we can only do that for ourselves. But that doesn’t keep us from asking others to do it.”
~Ezra Bayda

Some relationships can seem to cause a lot of pain once the honeymoon period is over. Relationships do not cause pain – they awaken the pain that is already carried within, and do so for the sole purpose of healing.

Many people confuse this process and feel they may have made a mistake. That is the voice of ego saying “Run!” When we turn from a challenging situation without attempting to learn the lessons that it has to offer, we may buy a moment of temporary peace; however, the exact same issue will then be created with the next person… and the next… until the lesson is learned.

We can consciously shorten this process of discomfort by turning into the karma and looking within to determine the true source of the trigger. Look beyond the history that says “so-and-so did this to me years ago, so of course I get upset whenever this happens” to “I feel unworthy of love.” The lesson is then to do your work around unworthiness until you can see the sacredness of your true infinite nature.

When healing has occurred, you will see it reflected in all of your relationships. Once your wound was reflected, now your peace is reflected.
Today my intention is to be responsible for my own joy.
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